Aloha -- Come and relax at the Kimos’ Ohanas. Experience and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Puna rainforest. Nestled in a 2 acre park like setting, explore the tropical gardens filled with flowers such as hibiscus, antheriums, and orchids; citrus, and banana trees; many exotic fruits; and flowering trees and a variety of palms.

  • What is the weather like on the Big Island?
  • Is the Kimos’ Ohanas eco-friendly?
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That usually depends where you happen to be at any given time. The island of Hawaii has 11 of the 13 climatic zones in the world. Almost any weather is possible; you can be in brilliant sunshine, pouring rain, snow, or desert-dry all in the same day! During the winter it is possible to experience a 60F degree temperature change when driving from the summit of Mauna Kea to Hilo. The Puna district where the Kimos’ Ohanas is located is tropical rainforest.

Air quality standards for the world is set on the eastern point of the island, near kapoho, which gives high quality drinking water, even the water out of the shower is purified and drinkable!

Farmers' Market
All produce from farmers market.

Yes, we are very eco-friendly. We try to be as sustainable as possible by utilizing 100% rain water catchment for our entire household and gardening needs; by augmenting our hot water supply using solar panels; by recycling and reusing; and by doing on-site composting which supplies soil for all of our planting needs.

Food used for our breakfasts is either grown organically on our property or purchased at local farmer’s markets and natural food stores. We are planning on going to photovotiac in the future.

On our last trip to the big island of hawaii we discovered this charming superfriendly..cozy bed and breakfast or vacationrental in puna south of hilo on the big island of hawaii the place just opend and is located in the upper puna section in a peace full setting situated on 2 acres with only a few rentals with 1 or 2 bedroom cottages in a lushes green setting with lots of flowers ..great coffee ! even inhouse laundry wifi breakfast a dining room and tv lounge with books great hangout areas in the kimos ohanas with two super nice and helpfull kimos after staying here we had to do this video enjoy ...heres their info The Kimo's Ohanas the hosts are jim and jim email is or call them for more info at 505 377 9334 aloha marcy and lewis.