Aloha -- Come and relax at the Kimos’ Ohanas. Experience and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Puna rainforest. Nestled in a 2 acre park like setting, explore the tropical gardens filled with flowers such as hibiscus, antheriums, and orchids; citrus, and banana trees; many exotic fruits; and flowering trees and a variety of palms.

Ocean and Beaches
Ocean and Beaches Ten minutes away enjoy a scenic ocean drive called the Red Road (Rd 137) is considered by many to be the most beautiful in the entire state. Along the Red Road are many of the beaches, snorkeling areas and thermal pools, some of which are listed below.
Kehena Black Sand Beach
Kehena Beach Kehena Beach is a black sand beach with beautiful and breathtaking views of the ocean, and is often frequented by dolphins, turtles, and seasonal whales. Clothes are optional at this beach.
Kalapana Black Sand Beach
Kalapana Beach Kalapana Beach is the newest black sand beach being formed after the lava flows covered the Kalapana area. Local surfers ride the waves here.
Isaac Hale Beach Park
Isaac Hale Beach Park This picturesque park is a haven for local fishermen and is also enjoyed by surfers when the waves are up. Take a walk past the caretaker’s house and then a short path into the jungle, where you will find a fresh water pond heated by volcanic action.
Ahalanui Thermal Pool
Ahalanui Thermal Pool The Ahalanui thermal pool is a geothermal heated ocean fed pool and can reach a temperature of up to 90 degrees. A man-made rock sea wall separates the main pool from the ocean. Coconut groves surround this park and make it a perfect setting for an afternoon picnic.
Kapoho Tide Pools
Kapoho Tide Pools Some of the best snorkeling and diving on the east side Big Island are the Kapoho tide pools. The water here is crystal clear, calm where you'll experience a wide variety of tropical fish and coral. Just beyond this spot is the "Champagne Pond", an ocean spring and favorite spot of many sea turtles!

Lava Fields
Lava Fields Just seven miles from the Kimos’ Ohanas is where the lava from the Pu’u O’o vent which is on the flanks of Kilauea Volcano flowed to the ocean. Presently the lava is now flowing to the northeast of the vent and its path is uncertain and viewing has been restricted due to limited access.
Volcano National Park
Volcano National Park Volcanoes National Park is an hour drive where you can visit the Kilauea visitor center and see the active Kilauea Volcano, enjoy numerous hiking trails, steam vents, giant scenic vistas and lava tubes both inside and outside the park. For the latest information on the volcano's activity, see the USGS Kilauea Volcano website.
Lava Tree State Park
Lava Tree State Park Lava Tree State Park has some of the most fascinating lava rock formations in the entire Hawaiian Islands. The ancient lava flow left a thick coating as it flowed through old forests encasing the larger trees and burning them to ashes, but not before creating free standing tubes in the shape of the trees. Many have compared these formations to those of Easter Island; however, with Hawaiian Volcano Goddess Pele being the creator in this case.
Pana'Ewa Rainforest Zoo and Gardens
Pana'Ewa Rainforest Zoo and Gardens Take a 20 minute drive to the Nation’s only natural tropical rainforest zoo where you will find more than 80 animal species. You are welcome to enjoy a picnic in the shade of more than 100 varieties of palm trees or take a leisurely walk with peacocks in the extensive collection of orchids, clumping bamboos and tropical rhododendrons.
Mauna Loa Macadamia Visitor Center
Mauna Loa Macadamia One of the most popular attractions in the area, is the Mauna Loa Macadamia Visitor Center, located approximately 20 minutes away. Drive though beautiful macadamia nut orchards, see the nut and chocolate processing plant, view chocolate demonstrations and be sure to visit the gift shop.
The Town of Pahoa
The Town of Pahoa Just 5 minutes from the Kimos’ Ohanas is the rustic town of Pahoa. Located here are many excellent restaurants. Sit at one of the local outdoor cafes and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.
Historic Hilo
Historic Hilo Twenty-five minutes away is the enchanting city of Hilo. This quaint city with an enormous heart is built around the crescent-shaped Hilo Bay. Often described as the "Honolulu before the jets came", Hilo is a visit back in time to "Old Hawaii”. Shop at many of the interesting boutiques and antique stores, plus a wide variety of ethnic restaurants and a fabulous farmers market are also yours to enjoy.